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Stand up comedians

Stand up comedians are modern artists. It takes a lot of courage and it is hard to say things a comic says about hard subjects like religion, war, hatred, racism, slavery, corruption, bankers. Comics talk about things that people want to be said by someone first. Audience expects their lives to be observed, analyzed and judged. A lot of people wants to hear about socially unacceptable things, and maybe even illegal things to be voiced by someone in a smart, funny and creative way to make us all cross the forbidden line and laugh at injustice and hypocrisy.
Stand-up comedy is a very competitive industry, a lot of people wash out because they didn’t confidence and they don’t know how to properly deliver a joke. I want to introduce you top comedians who earned strong reputation and became independent, they are no longer afraid. There is no taboo subjects for them and you can finally hear the truth in most honest in the most hilarious way. I want you to witness it, I want you share it with people close to you, just like I did.

Louis CK

louis ck

He is the most successful and most independent comic on stage. You can always relate to him when he talks about the relationship, family, and children and how jaded and spoiled people get sometimes. He doesn't hold back and filter his language because he is very professional comic and knows how to do it really well. Louis CK is probably the most popular comic on stage.

Bill Burr

The most hilarious standup comedian I know, intelligent, confident, charismatic person with great jokes delivery. His material would make you laugh harder when you see it the second time. He works hard, he always on tours in major flyover cities in the US.

George Carlin

George Carlin

George Carlin is legendary comedian and an artist. He inspired people and gave courage to voice their beliefs and tell the truth. His attitude towards life with wisdom and truth made him very memorable. In his 40 Years of Comedy, George earned his place on the air and even though his work was censored, he was honest with his audience and truthful to himself. If you never met him there are thousands George Carlin performance videos on YouTube. For many people he became a hero who created new higher standards of comedy performance, he saw things that brings all people together, with George Carling freedom of speech was real.