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Simon King – England standup 2015

Simon King appeared in England at Backyard Comedy Club with a small 10 minute standup
0:30 Did you realize that England is the America of Europe? Did you guys realize that you are the same people who go “I cannot believe there is no fish and chips?”
1:45 America is the greatest country in the world! Meanwhile 50 million people don’t have health insurance, you can go to jail for 30 years for minor drug offenses. You can’t call it, you have to prove it
03:10 I want a homeless person to be my president because he can balance the budget by returning cans.
03:35 I cannot tell you how great it would be to watch crazy homeless president. “why do we go to war with Syria?” “I tell you right now, spiders in my eyes, spiders in my eyes, stealing my thoughts, stealing my thoughts”