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Louis CK – Job and 20 year olds

You should do your job, because it's your job, because you are that person doing that thing, so just do it

it drives me crazy when someone has a job that they don't like so they do it shity, what kind of a response is that? if you do it shity isn't that worse for you?

I travel a lot so I need help all the time, I rent one car, but I want another one, I'm crazy, so I go to the counter and "can I have another one?" and sometimes I have a person who goes "sigh, why?" "because I'm a dick, give it to me", "what's wrong with it?", "because I'm crazy, that what's wrong with it", you are wearing vest that matches the building, just do the thing that is the point of that place

Why? You know what, because you are a 20, because you are 20 year old little cunt and you have no idea how the world works, because you think you deserve better, you think you are too interesting person to have a shity job

Every 20 year old behind a counter gives me this look "this job sucks", yeah! that is why we gave it to you

Because you are 20. That is a mathematical guaranty that you have no skills, and nothing to offer anybody in the world, for two decades you have been taking and sucking up education and love and food and ipods, sucking up and judging "that one is good and that one not really", you've just being selecting and absorbing shit that you didn't fucking earn.

For two decades! Three Presidents! That is how long you've being a burden. You are like an orange on a tree, and the tree goes "get that thing off me, its crazy" "I don't want to go, I want to stay"

If you are 20, I guaranty you haven't done anything for anybody, ever. Yes you went on a school trip to Guatemala and they told you, you helped, but you totally did not help. The guy goes “I got a mud slide down my house, and now I have to baby sit that college kid, why do I have to do this”. Just take her picture with a shove so she could go back home and put it on her facebook.