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Louis CK Capitalism

Louis CK Capitalism

Business and how it effects live and how it gets people robed off life of things that used to change your life and leaves you with only one choice. You used to get laid by going to book stores, by going into store and standing in section that made you look smart and than a girl comes around, oh do you also like book?
They talk about:

  • Video stores
  • Books store
  • Coffee shops
  • Lumber shop
  • Apple vs Microsoft
  • Beta vs VHS
  • Local Burger Shops
  • Online purchasing.
  • Music stores
  • Itunes
  • Privacy
  • Easy pass
  • Library of Congress
  • Car manufactures
  • Walmart
  • Subway

Louis CK on Consumers and Capitalism

Since there is no full version of this interview, this is a 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 parts in one playlist. This Louis CK interview makes you really think, maybe make you a little depressing and laugh. Please enjoy