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laughing with a drink

I'd like to make this site to promote comics

and probably stuff that makes me tear laughing or you know when you see something funny but just had a sip of a drink and you know laptop is in front of you and you can't laugh with drink in your mouth because you just going to destroy your laptop but its too late you already laughing, right? and you just force it and start laughing with you mouth closed but the drink is still in your mouth and the drink starts coming out of your nose your mind is trying to cope with it but you are laughing your mind is trying to go back in time and stop laughing, swallow, breath air, close mouth to save laptop and run to bathroom but you just laugh harder and someone who knows you really well saw all that so she will bring it up tomorrow she can't stop laughing and now the drink is everywhere, laptop, your shirt and pants are all wet, tears on your eyes and you are looking at each other and laughing your butt off

you're both laughing and she comes down a little, catches her breath and says

"what are laughing about?"

I turned my laptop

send me your picture


Round 2! We both can't stop laughing


… making memories )