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Doug Stanhope – Secret to happiness – excess in moderation

Key to a good life – excess in moderation

they will tell you moderation is a key to life, but that is bullshit
excess in moderation
don’t drink few beers after work,
wait till the end of the week and drink all the beers at once!
get completely slouched
got get a 20 dollar hooker on a wimp,
save up and than get a 15 hundred dollar high class call girl on New Years eve and wake up with a damn good story.
don’t eat a stem of a mushroom and see a few colors,
Eat the whole bag and see god
just don’t do it everyday
if you practice the moderation you’ll never get the full effect

and don’t ever learn from other people’s mistakes, that’s the worst advise you can get
because other people might have fucked it up, and you could be the guy who can do it right and be a hero for all of us

and finally, fuck someone uglier than you every now and than
even if they don’t deserve it, that makes people happy
and it stays with you for a lifetime