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Louis CK WORD Live at Carnegie Hall

Recorded: November 4, 2010, New York
Released: May 12, 2012
(Audio) Digital Delivery only
The show is alright, it is a 2010 act that was released two years later. It was a good performance however I my humble opinion, there is a weakness in his act, and it is when he starts making loud noises in the microphone instead of talking to us or moving on to next joke, it may be funny for an underage, but I think that a comic would only do it because he is out of ideas and it seem unprofessional. I would rather cut those 2 minutes and make the whole thing 2 minutes shorter than allow it, I would rather bash a hacker right down the middle of that act. I would still recommend it, because it was a fun and memorable show.

WORD Live at Carnegie Hall teaser

Louis CK WORD Live at Carnegie Hall
Tracks list
1. “Intro” 0:49
2. “Let’s Talk Some Shit” 1:22
3. “I Could Ruin Your Night” 1:16
4. “Money” 1:00
5. “Darlene and Joey” 4:17
6. “Civic Pride and Civic Rivalry” 2:21
7. “20 Year Olds” 4:58
8. “The Right To Complain” 2:45
9. “Unhealthy Father” 7:50
10. “When I Was A Kid” 2:15
11. “Three 5 Year Olds” 4:24
12. “Staying Married For The Kids” 4:21
13. “Sleep” 5:10
14. “Sex” 6:27
15. “Encore” 2:14
16. “When I Thought I Was Going To Die” 7:22
17. “Schindler’s List” 3:30
18. “Outro” 0:45