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Louis CK Chewed Up

Run Time: 60 minutes (71 minutes)
DVD Release Date: December 16, 2008
Studio: Image Entertainment
Louis often talks about things he feels strongly about, his fears too, in a way that makes us laugh and it seems very personal. No subject or topic is off limit, he says things that makes you laugh, than you realize you going to hell for laughing at this, so you laugh harder. There is a rape joke in special and everybody laughed! Louis CK Chewed Up is about a man who is falling apart for your pleasure and he is incredibly confident and comfortable with being who he is. So you relax and enjoy the comedy ride, and laugh out loud. It is a great continuation of his work, and much like “Shameless”. It is very freeing to laugh really hard, oh I’m parched now, let me pause DVD for a second. Bonus tracks: “4AM” – 2:59, “Sweatpants & Vodka” – 3:57, “I Like Opium” – 3:26.

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Chewed Up Spoiler
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Track list

“Offensive Words” – 8:48
“Processing Shame” – 3:27
“My Horrible Body” – 2:49
“Cinnabon” – 3:52
“Half Dead” – 4:37
“Milk & Pets” – 3:13
“I Enjoy Being White” – 2:43
“I Hate Deer” – 3:50
“A Three Year Old’s Secret” – 4:19
“Daddy I Don’t Like Chicken” – 4:01
“The Diaper” – 2:42
“Boys vs. Girls” – 3:54
“Jizz On Demand” – 2:41
“9/11” – 5:03
“Girls & Women” – 4:36
Bonus tracks
“4AM” – 2:59
“Sweatpants & Vodka” – 3:57
“I Like Opium” – 3:26