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Louis CK

Louis CK is completely independent comic. His work over the years has earned him right to do practically anything on TV, he makes his TV series the way he wants, he doesn’t depend of studios or publishers. He produces and directs his own shows, picks his own actors. In 2011 he decided to make his act available through his website for 5$ per view and it made him 1 million in two weeks or so. Later he decided to sell tickets to his shows in same way, without any ticket booking agencies. He made tickets for 35$ or so available that you could buy online and he sold out in few days. No matter how much “BIG GUY” is trying to tell him that Louis CK needs them he proves them wrong. There is no greater feeling to do something that other people say is impossible. He gives other people courage to do the same. I admire and respect him for that.

Louis CK Stand up Specials

Louis CK Live In Houston Louis CK One Night Stand Louis CK Shameless Louis CK Chewed Up Louis CK Hilarious Louis CK Live at the Beacon TheaterLouis CK Oh My God




2001 – Live in Houston
2005 – One Night Stand
2007 – Shameless
2008 – Chewed Up
2010-2011 – Hilarious
2011 – Live at the Beacon Theater
2010-2012 – WORD Live at Carnegie Hall
2013 – Oh My God


Dates for tours, tickets shows and specials can be found at

Official Website Louis CK’s website is made in HTTPS secure communication protocol to ensure privacy of his clients and their credit card information, it also prevents agencies like NSA to track you in any way.


You may a more updated biography of Louis CK on his Wikipedia page right here