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George Carlin

George Carlin
George Carlin is dead, but his legendary work lives on. He inspired people and gave courage to voice their opinion and tell the truth. George often spoke about taboo subjects, that probably may offend people, but in a fun loving way. It is very entertaining to see his jokes and shows. His attitude towards life with wisdom and truth made him very memorable. In his 40 Years of Comedy, George earned his place on the air and even though his work was censored, he was honest with his audience and truthful to himself. If you never met him there are thousands George Carlin performance videos on YouTube. For many people he became a hero who created new higher standards of comedy performance, he saw things that brings all people together, with George Carling freedom of speech was real.

1990 – Doin It Again
1992 – Jammin’ in New York
1996 – Back in Town
1997 – George Carlin 40 Years of Comedy
1999 – You Are All Diseased
2001 – Complaints and Grievances
2005 – Life Is Worth Losing
2008 – It’s Bad for Ya

George Carlin We are Equal