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Louis CK

Louis CK – Food chain

Louis CK – I don’t think that people really appreciate that they got out of the food chain, because every other life on this planet ends with somebody else eating it.

Louis CK – Why?

“Louis CK – why” is fantastic act about parent negligence with his daughter, he says he understand parents and doesn’t judge them when they don’t answer kids questions “why?”, because kids want to know why that, and they persistently ask you why until you forget who you are.
It is from HBO special Louis CK – One Night Stand (2005-2006).

Louis CK – Dating

Louis CK – Dating

An 3 minute episode from “Oh My God”.
It takes courage to talk to women, and women have different kind of courage and sometime she says yes. Men are starting to try to do something and women sometimes decide that it will happen and men have no idea…

Louis CK Hates Cell Phones

Louis CK Hates Cell phones because they take away the human contact. Life is sad but without experiencing true sadness you can experience true happiness.

Full interview with Conan

I think it’s better see whole thing because it gives you more context where Louis CK talks about what it is like being alone sometimes and what happens when you let sadness come and hit you like a truck.

Louis CK – Interview

Full interview, you might want to fast forward 2:20 or 3:10. The presenter doesn’t look like he knows what supposed to happen. At about 15 minutes it starts to be really getting good