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Frankie Boyle

Frankie Boyle’s – Referendum Autopsy

Fantastic independent stand-up comedian Frankie Boyale with Sara Pascoe and Katherine Ryan in a show about UK Election in 2015. Show was recorded at Wilton’s Music Hall in London. Frankie judged electoral results and discussed parties and politicians who represent them, but also allowed his audience to decide and vote whether he is write or wrong.
Frankie Boyle talked Scotland independence referendum after the fact. He addressed media coverage biased approach to this as well.

Frankie Boyle – Live at the Apollo (2014)

Most recent Frankie Boyle appearance at Apollo theater in London UK. He is a very honest comedian and thus UK Media it makes me very happy right before Christmas often censor him. Frankie’s performance is often offensive however, this time it was a clean and there were only a few jokes that I would go to hell for laughing at. Please enjoy.

Frankie Boyle Evil – Never mind the Buzzcocks

Frankie Boyle Evil

Frankie Boyle evil goes to a family show on Never mind the Buzzcocks show and bashes a Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams. It gets better with every minute, makes me wish Frankie would appear in more shows, probably would make shows better and actually entertaining.
Never mind the Buzzcocks Season 24 Episode 12