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Bill Burr Let It Go

Run Time: 65 minutes
DVD Release Date: October 5, 2010
There are comedy shows that makes you chuckle or laugh because someone else is laughing, Bill Burr Why do I do this makes you laugh so hard you are out of breath and you forget that someone can see you lose your mind in front of TV. Bill is making fun of certain people, racism, sexism while walking the line, and not crossing it. And when you see it again it is even funnier. I no long own the DVD copy because the cheap bastard that I am, I gave it to a buddy of mine as a birthday gift, he loved it.

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Bill Burr Being a Mother

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Track list
1. Pro Swine Flu – 3:44
2. Being a Mother – 3:04
3. Oddly Racist – 4:19
4. Make My Sandwich – 3:06
5. Chain Stores – 5:32
6. Don’t Wanna Be That Guy – 4:07
7. Little Things – 3:42
8. What Are You, A Fag – 6:46
9. Toddlers – 4:02
10. My Theories – 3:49
11. Free Dog – 3:32
12. Sarah McLachlan – 2:19
13. Hell Hound – 7:35
14. Old Man Face – 6:41