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Bill Burr

bill burr

Bill Burr is best independent comic in the business, in my humble opinion. He is very professional, his standup shows are brilliant, and he delivers his jokes really well. Big deal with him is if you see Bill Burr on TV and go to see his stand up in theater or a club it will be who new act, 95% is going to be new. When he nails punch line and great laughter from the audience he knows how to follow up and keep that energy, and it is amazing to be part of it and watch your friends and strangers laugh out loud, it is great feeling. And I recommend him, I think more people should experience that. I would like to think that I am a true Bill Burr fan. Every time he visits my city I see his show with my friends at Improv Comedy Club or wherever and every time he surprises us with all new material and he leaves with standing ovation. I think that not all women might fully appreciate his act, because he is very critical of things women love to get away with, however you will still love it, because Bill Burr is original, unconventional and uncensored and he is unlike anything you used to see.

2007 – Emotionally Unavailable: Expanded Edition
2008 – Why Do I Do This Recommended
2010 – Let It Go Highly recommended
2012 – You People Are All The Same Cheery on top
2014 – Iā€™m sorry you feel that way I laughed in tears


Bill Burr Emotionally Unavailable Expanded Editionbill burr let it go bill burr why do i do this Bill Burr You People Are All The Same


He has a very popular Monday morning podcast every week

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Born June 10, 1968 (age 44)
Active since May 1992 ā€“ present
Lives in LA
You can get more detailed biography on this wikipedia page about Bill Burr

Proof why Bill Burr is an independent comic